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twenty stories about how women change the world

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of  TEDxAmsterdamWomen, I had the honor and pleasure of writing Know My Story. 

This book is a collection of the twenty most entertaining, most unique and thought-provoking TED-talks on the TEDxAmsterdamWomen stage from the past ten years. 

Know My Story was a limited edition, written especially for the event and cannot be bought in the store. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please send me a message. 

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My name's Gemma

Marketing & Communication expert with 10+ years experience

When I work on an assignment I always make sure that I keep an eye on your goal and wishes. Whether this is in Dutch or in English. Quality is important to me.


Before I get started I make sure that we clearly discuss what you would like to achieve and what it should look like. I work fast, detailed and I have no problem with tight deadlines.


I am also a big whisky fan and try to see as much of the world as possible and to meet as many new people as possible!


Let me know how I can help you!






Marketing Communication 
strategy & planning

Copy writing & 


Social Media







Year calendar

3 month content planner kick-start

Social media 


Copy writing & 


Your year planned, in 1 schedule 

Sometimes you just need some help with starting your annual calendar.


I'll build you a complete calendar that you can then fully personalize:

• based on your marketing plan
• including social channels
• focus personas
• content suggestions
• subject / persona / channel matching • set-up calendar framework


Reach more (new) customers

Improve your customer journey and customer relationship.

Work with personas and increase your social media reach.

I'll build you a complete content planner for 3 months including:

• channel review & advice

• social media public scan

• construction of 2 Persona's

• content subject research

• subject / persona / channel matching • set-up calender framework


Social Media Management Basis

€ 250.00 per month:

• Social media audience scan

• 1 Facebook Ad pm.

• 4 Facebook & Insta messages pm.

• 30 min telephone consult pw.

Social Media Management Pro

€ 500.00 per month:

• Social media audience scan

• 1-2 Facebook Ad pm.

• 4-8 Facebook & Insta messages pm.

• 30 min telephone consult pw

• Monthly report

• Content Calendar review




Copy writing

From € 150.00 per month:

• from 1 item pm (250 - 800 words)

• subject of research

• photo editing (existing or Stock Photo)

• 1 Facebook & Instagram post pa.



From € 75.00 per month:

• edit existing content

• from 1 item (250 - 800 words) or 4 social media posts

• subject of research

• photo editing (existing or Stock Photo)

• tone-of-voice advice


What do my clients say about me?


Annemieke Plantinga

BNP Paribas The Netherlands

Our collaboration with Gemma was nice and professional; Gemma delivers high quality English content for and was very flexible during the assignment. We highly recommend her. 


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